A definition

Béton3 is an open-source macro pad design based around the QMK-compatible Pro Micro platform, MX-mount keyswitches and a commonly available, clickable rotary encoder design.

The defining feature of Béton3 is the cast concrete rotary encoder knob, created using a 3D printed mold that results in a distinct, weighty knob with luxurious inertia and precise steps, much like a premium stereo system. Using the Béton3 stock firmware, the smooth rotary encoder performs three volume control functions: volume up, volume down, and mute/unmute.

Below the rotary encoder, the 0.91” OLED screen is a bright, programmable canvas for information, text or animations. Using the Béton3 stock firmware, fluid animations quickly respond to button and knob inputs with icons representing media control and volume control actions.

Finally, three Cherry MX-compatible switches provide a basis for programmable macros, supporting large, 1.25u and 1.5u keycaps for easy muscle memory access. Using the Béton3 stock firmware, three switches perform five media control functions: play/pause, forward, back, fast-forward, and rewind.

Link to YouTube - Béton3 interface demo A video of the Béton3 interface

CAD part files, source code, and build instructions are hosted on my GitHub, linked on the first picture at the top of this page.