A selected collection of my graphic design work.

UMass Student Government Association Branding Guide

SGA Style Guide

A comprehensive branding guide created for the UMass Student Government Association in Fall 2020. Designed in parallel with university brand guidelines, I constructed a graphic identity for the organization that uses color and type to implicitly associate the SGA with the university, while still maintaining an independently professional look and feel.

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@umass Instagram Story Funding Sheets

Instagram Story Sheet Instagram Story Sheet

A collection of informational sheets published on the @umass Instagram story in February 2020. Designed in harmony with university brand guidelines, I made use of a subtle gradient centered on the university maroon color, in conjunction with the official typeface Frutiger and an assortment of background patterns to create sheets that are clearly related, but not entirely monotonous and “cookie-cutter”.

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UMass Dorm Icons

An icon of Brett House at UMass

An assortment of simple, distilled icons that depict dormitory buildings on the UMass Amherst campus. Designing these, I constrained myself by using a low-res pixel art format, shedding extraneous features and focusing on distinctive features that make each building recognizable. After a base image constructed in pixel-art, I scaled up the image to add color, shadow, and replace jagged roofline edges with smooth diagonal lines, resulting in crisp, simple icons. An icon of Greenough House at UMass

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Student Government Association Work

Loosely organized work that I’ve completed for the Student Government Association throughout my tenure as a Senator and Secretary of Technology.

A poster telling students to vote.

A title image

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A small collection of detailed drawings of locations across the UMass campus, completed digitally in Photoshop.

A drawing of Baker House at UMass

A drawing of the Student Union at UMass

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Miscellaneous Work

Instagram Story Sheet Instagram Story Sheet

Some additional, completely unorganized work that I’ve done in Photoshop and Illustrator, generally for my Redbubble store or just as a manifestation of some spontaneous idea.

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